Hello and Welcome!

All new clients- we highly recommend a Consultation. This is a great place to start as we will look at your goals together and offer a range of things that will help for you to consider, before you decide what you'd like to book. Look under the “new patient” tab for some options for you to choose from.

We know that Aesthetics can be confusing and we offer a large range of treatments and services, so if you do have any trouble finding what you need, please do feel free drop us an email info@faceoxford.com

Existing clients - feel free to book straight in if you know what you would like. There are tabs for you to chose from.

For Hydrafacials, a separate consultation is not needed first, it is included in the treatment time. This is suitable for most people without and special prep (please check website to see our FAQs before booking if you feel this may apply).

For Laser Hair Removal, please book your Test patch first- this includes your consultation.

💫 March 2024 - I have recently updated the format for booking after feedback to try and simplify it. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please use the handy search box at the top to find it